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Biblical ABC Learning

Biblical ABC Learning

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Biblical ABC Learning is an 8 x 10, full color illustrated children's book. Children will be enabled to learn the alphabet, learn to read and learn about the Bible together. Each letter/word will teach children about various people, places, events, words of praise and books of the Bible. The illustrations give a wonderful visual of the letter/word a child/children are learning about. Also, each letter/word includes the book, chapter(s) and scripture(s) to reference and learn more.

As a bonus, Biblical ABC Learning includes additional Biblical terms for children to continue learning more about the Word of God. The additional terms are in alphabetical order and include 1-3 terms per letter. The additional terms do not include illustrations, however the book, chapter(s) and scripture(s) are included to reference and continue learning. Including the location in the Bible of the term to reference and the enlightening illustrations will intrigue children to learn more about the Word of God. Biblical ABC Learning can also be utilized as a Bible Learning introduction/enhancer for children that have mastered learning the alphabet.

Children and parents together will enjoy the abundance of learning that Biblical ABC Learning has to offer! It is never too soon or too late, to introduce the Word of God into a child's learning experience!