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Hi, my name is Ivy, but everyone calls me IvyLocs. I'm a professional problem solver. I solve problems that any kid could face.

My favorite aunt is getting married. I call her Tee-Tee. We are really close and I spend a lot of time with her. Tee-Tee wants to jump the broom for her wedding. But the broom she ordered has the wrong color ribbons and flowers! The wedding is tomorrow and Tee-Tee is so sad. Bringing the broom down the aisle is my job as junior bridesmaid, but now everything is ruined.
Will I be able to fix the problem in time and make the wedding better than ever? Or will it be ruined and go down in history as the worst wedding ever?

IvyLocs loves solving problems for her friends and family. Is she up to the challenge of saving her favorite aunts wedding from disaster? What's a professional problem solver to do?

Find out when you read Episode 1!