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Layla the Lawyer: The Case of the Missing Cookies

Layla the Lawyer: The Case of the Missing Cookies

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Hi, I’m Layla and I attend Justice Elementary School. I love to play with my friends, read and write, but most of all, I love to solve disputes. When my friends are sad, I use facts to figure out why they are sad or what happened to help them. When I solve the issue, it makes them feel better. I also like to make sure that when people make bad decisions, they know there are consequences. When I use my analytical skills and put facts together, my grandmother tells me that I am doing what lawyers do and that I am going to be a lawyer when I grow up. My pearls are fancy and special because they give me, Pearl Power!!

My grandmother gave me her feather pen to help me write down the facts. When I put on my glasses and starred blazer, I mean business. With these items, I am the best playground lawyer and will be the best lawyer when I grow up!!!



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